Come As You Are

When you visit Liberty you will experience: genuine multi-cultural relationships, passionate worship, and relevant messages. Always dynamic and interactive, Liberty’s services are designed to take the message of the Bible and break it down, making it applicable to our everyday lives

Have a Cup of Coffee

Our free coffee and pastries cafe is open before, and after the Sunday Celebration Service. Enjoy some java, great conversations, and stimulating service

Check-In for Liberty’s Children Ministry

For children ages 6months to 10, we have a child check-in counter right in the lobby. This ensures your children are safe, secure and accounted for. Just step up to the registration stations for easy check in. To ensure the safety of every child, all workers recieved their police check authorization

No Expectations

Sit, stand, talk or give, there’s nto pressure to do anything. Just come to church and enjoy great relationship, relevant message and music. Be our guest and kindly deposit your guest information card in as your offering


The Information Center is open before and after each Sunday Celebration Service. And you can always call the office at (905) 861-9244 Tuesday through Friday or use the Contact Us link to get the info you need.